Anthony Black Slate Brightly


Anthony Black Slate Brightly

A Peaceful Demonstration

A peaceful Demonstration is what we need. However this totally amazing album created by Black Slate is causing a riot in the musical streets of the city of London where it all started FORTY odd years ago; thus making Black Slate the first official Reggae band out of Great Britain.
That’s right, gallantly forging forward in the name of reggae music, every track on this album expresses a musical form in a unique story of the Good, the Better and the Best of Black Slate, the real deal.
Standing the test of time Black Slate has produced this memorable master piece documenting their Global years of struggle, toil, and success in the ever changing world of reggae music.
Core members and driving force of this magnificent Band of Reggae Scientists are:

Anthony “PureSilk” Brightly (Keyboards), Chris “MusicHouse” Hanson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar), Desmond “Drummy” Mahoney (Drums/Congo).

Newest members include:
Colin “Steam-Fish” McNiesh (Bass), Jesse “Energy” Brade (Back-Bone Vocals) and Gaven “Magic Voice” Creary (Lead Vocals) the newest member to the powerhouse that is BLACK SLATE.
Totally inspired by vibes, tones, frequencies and a passion for reggae music they travelled together to the beautiful beach surrounded Island of Antigua where they recorded their latest work of art…
A Peaceful Demonstration
With the help of Solar energy the most important source of energy for life on Earth….The Sun, they unified as one and presented us, their bonafide public, with a dish best served on a turntable with this exciting track list…

Amon (See No Evil), Predator, Daylight, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Look Into My Eyes, Can You Feel The Love, Peaceful Demonstration, Build Mamma Africa, I Can’t Breath, In the City, Thinking Out Loud.

Here we have ten self-explanatory musical masterpiece tracks which will prove without a shadow of a doubt who these very important components to the world and science of Reggae Music are.
As they embark on their second courageous World Tour called:
A Peaceful Demonstration
Where they will share with the world what they have researched and discovered about the ever growing sound of BLACK SLATE in
A Peaceful Demonstration


Black Slate - Daylight

Amigo - Black Slate live at the one love festival 2017

Black Slate at the One Love Festival NZ