Cinco Doce


Cinco Doce

Cumbia has new ambassador and Cinco Doce is ready to carry the torch to higher levels. Originally from the great City of Austin, Cinco Doce has taken their music to many different platforms and have been recognized by MTV Tr3s as the Top Headliner of the Month. They have played on some of the big local stages as Pecan Street, Reggae Fest and SXSW. They have also been nominated for TMA Awards and performed on Tejanos biggest stage in San Antonio. With new music on the horizon, Cinco Doce is focused on releasing songs that will have the crowds moving and shaking to their cumbia beats. Cinco Doce has made its musical impact by playing and producing original urban cumbias that many compare to a blend of hip hop and cumbia. Slated to release their new music at the end of 2016, Cinco Doce continues to be a sought after band in the Tejano and Latin genres of Texas. Their loyal followers of family, friends and fans share their music and help grow this new musical movement.

Cinco Doce was previously signed to a major record deal with Universal Music Group under their previous name, A.T.M. Since then they have ventured out independently and continue to see success year after year. Cinco Doce is posed to be a huge impact in the Spanish market and continue to wow their new fans at every show.


"Mueve La Cintura" - Cinco Doce **Official Music Video**

"Manos Arriba" - Cinco Doce **Official Music Video**