The Azmaris,Dub Seance & Hard Proof DJs


The Azmaris,Dub Seance & Hard Proof DJs

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Event Date & Time: 

Tue Dec 11, 2018 - 12:00AM to 11:55PM CST
Event Type: 
  • Concert

The Azmaris:
Using an armchair understanding of Ethiopian harmony, The Azmaris play deep groovy instrumentals and other explorations. Their name comes from the Ethiopian tradition of singing extemporized verses while performing in bars. The Azmaris pay homage to music and musicians who have inspired them while creating something uniquely their own.

Dub Seance:
Dub Seance creates sonic landscapes that are adventurous yet familiar. During recording sessions and far-ranging discussions about music, Joseph Woullard (Hard Proof, Black Joe Lewis) and Ikey Owens (Mars Volta, Jack White) discovered a shared affinity for dub music styles and exploratory jazz and a desire to combine these influences in non-traditional ways. Annual tribute performances after the untimely passing of Owens in 2014 were the catalyst to further explore this concept as an improvisational, sound-manipulating unit. Dub Seance consists of Woullard on sax, flute, and effects, Bill Stevenson on bass (Black Joe Lewis, Blood Pumps), Doug Leveton on drums (KP and the Boom Boom, Canned Beets) and Chase Frank on keys/guitar (The Harms).

Hard Proof DJ’s:
Members of Hard Proof spin some of their favorite African/Diaspora records to keep the party moving.