RAS DAY 2016 Fundraiser


RAS DAY 2016 Fundraiser

Another RAS (Riders Against The Storm) Day is approaching (#RASday2016 on Aug 27, 2016), and the dynamic duo (Qi Dada and Chaka) behind the multi-award-winning (and community innovators) Riders Against The Storm  are hard at work raising funds to support this year's event.  The event in turn supports their year-long initiatives, including community projects and artistic endeavors.

As an amazing (yet inexplicably somewhat under-the-radar thus far) bonus, they've snagged the legendary Jazz/Funk band Sun Ra Arkestra to headline the show, along with other terrific artists like Tameca Jones, Mobley and others (in addition to RAS performing themselves, of course). Although the band's founder and spiritual leader Sun Ra is long departed, the band's powerful influence is still omnipresent amongst music lovers and musicians, who fondly remember - and incorporate inspirations from - the band's exploits during the 70s, 80s and 90s. Notable amongst them are Austin's own Golden Dawn Arkestra, a more "funkified" variation of Sun Ra's outfit that is on a tear these days, in Austin and beyond. 

The #RASday2016 Indiegogo campaign offers a bunch of goodies - tix, great artwork by Chaka and Qi Dada and the like (check out the link below for details).  At the very least, we'd recommend springing a measly $20 for early-bird tickets to this great show (an unbelievable deal given the depth and stature of artists featured). Heck, if you can't go, then at least gift them to others so they can partake. Either way, a truly worthwhile cause to support, right in our own (er, Kenny Dorham's) backyard.  The event itself is a daylong expression of community feel-god vibes, connection and - of course - great music.


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