Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more common questions people tend to ask us. If you need more info, feel free to send us an email using this contact form. Happy listening, and please support your local musicians.


What is Wobeon? Is it a non-profit entity? Where is Wobeon located?

WOBEON (r) is a digital property owned by Austin Fusion Music LLC, a for-profit company based in Austin TX. The company operates certain music-related activities under the Wobeon umbrella, including the wobeon.com web property and events such as WobeonFest. Wobeon is not by itself a non-profit entity but does work with 501(c) organizations from time to time on collaborative projects such as events and fundraisers. For more about our history and what we do, please see this page.


What is the origin of the name "Wobeon"?

The term "WOBEON" came about as a short form for "WORLDBEATONLINE". Both terms are registered marks owned by Austin Fusion Music LLC along with related logo properties.


What is Wobeon's scope of activity?

Wobeon is primarily a digital property focused on the digital discovery of great music, and promoting it to as wide an audience as it is able to through digital means such as periodic newsletters (including event calendars and show & Cd recommendations), social media and more. From time to time we also host events (such as WobeonFest) or other special showcases, however we are not an event management company, nor do we handle artist-related services at the present time (such as booking, management, touring support and the like).


I am a music fan/artist/booker/other. How can Wobeon help me?

We have a strong, growing mailing list and social-media fan base that we are looking forward to foisting our recommendations on - about great new music we think folks ought to buy and hear, go see and otherwise get in to (check out the current roster of artists and events we've presented to get an idea of what gets our juices flowing). We are also working on developing more community-based resources.


When is WobeonFest 2016 going to be held? How can one apply to showcase at WobeonFest?

We are taking a break from music presentations in 2016 to focus on shoring up our digital initiatives, and also (more importantly) make more time to get back to appreciating music purely in the role of a passionate fan. That being said, we are always open to bringing the wealth of knowledge and experience we have developed over the years (and after presenting some 70+ artists) to bear on events that speak to us - in the role of a media sponsor. If this is of interest to you in some way, please contact us to discuss further.