Oliver Rajamani and Flamenco India - Gypsy Roots

Event Date & Time: 

Sun Apr 29, 2018

ATASH & Flying Balalika Brothers@Sahara Lounge

Event Date & Time: 

Fri Apr 27, 2018

Join us at the wonderful Sahara Lounge on 4/27. Atash and the Flying Balalika Brothers. It's going to be a...more


Africa/Brazil night at Sahara Lounge!

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Apr 28, 2018

Every Saturday its African Night @ the one and only Sahara Lounge! This week, join us for an evening of...more


YHPAA Mariachi and Boleros at the Sahara Lounge!

Event Date & Time: 

Thu Apr 26, 2018

YHPAA Membership Drive/Fundraiser. Join us for a night of Mariachi and boleros! Alex and Co will take the stage at...more


Africa/Colombia Night at the Sahara Lounge!

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Apr 21, 2018

8 pm African Buffet Dinner w/ vegan options
8:30 pm Afro Jazz featuring Ibrahim Aminou on Kora


Emman LeGrand & the African Rythmix . Abou & the Crew at the Sahara Lounge

Event Date & Time: 

Sat Mar 24, 2018

8pm African Buffet Dinner
8:30pm Abou Sylla on Balafon (African Xylophone)
10pm Emman LeGrand & the African Rythmix...more


Baile do Seu Jacinto featuring Wache

Event Date & Time: 

Fri Nov 10, 2017


Musica Tradicionale del Caribe Colombiano


Alex Coke

Alex Coke
woodwind musician, composer

Alex Coke (born 1953, Dallas Texas) is a jazz...


Rey Arteaga

Conguero and Latin singer extraordinare. Cuban Son, Boleros, and all kinds of Latin music....